VFW Scouting Team

Every VFW Department has the opportunity to expand their statewide support of the VFW's longstanding commitment to scouting.

Each Department should appoint a Department Scouting Chairman. The individual will have the responsibility of promoting and increasing Post participation in scouting throughout the Department. The selected individual also will be responsible for the Department's Scout of the Year Scholarship Program.



The VFW Scouting Program provides a perfect opportunity for young veterans to spend quality time with their children. 

For years scouting has been a cornerstone in building patriotic values and developing rich, fulfilling family relationships that endure for generations. The teaching, learning and sharing aspects of scouting are ideal for nurturing today’s young veteran, as well as bringing families closer together. 

Our organization's commitment to supporting scouting programs provides a sense of belonging and an opportunity for community involvement for veterans in communities across the nation.

When asked about future plans, young veterans returning from tours in Iraq and Afghanistan say they are looking forward to getting reacquainted with their family and to spending quality time with their spouse and children. 

Giving today’s veterans an opportunity to spend quality time with their young children leaves an everlasting impression on the entire family and provides an appeal to the younger veteran that the VFW is a caring partner in their life and an organization worth their involvement and membership.

Another immediate benefit to the VFW Post sponsoring a scout troop is the scout involvement in Post activities, such as placing flags on the graves of veterans for Memorial Day and helping distribute Buddy Poppies on Veterans Day, as well as any other patriotic events.

It should also be noted that a high percentage of scouts join the military and become eligible for VFW membership. For more details about the program, email VFW National Headquarters or call (816) 968-1155.