Subscription dues are just like a magazine subscription. It gives you 365 days of membership in the VFW. With this being the first year that they are coming into effect it will be a process that we are not use to. The basic breakdown of what is going to happen is:

If you are an annual member and you pay your dues before Jan your expiration will be Jan 2015. If you pay after that date whatever day your dues are processed at National will be the new expiration date. Example would be that you send in your dues to National on 1 Feb 2015 and National processed them on the 15 Feb. Your new expiration date would be 15 Feb 2016.

Annual membership Dues $42 and due on the anniversary of the date you joined the VFW or the date of annual renewal.

Life Memberships are dependent on age at time of joining.

"America: Where do we go from here?"
For a link to the Rules/Eligibility and an entry form please visit the Programs page/Americanism

"How can I be a good American?"
For a link to eligibility/rules and an application please visit our Programs/Americanism page.


Please feel free to contact a VFW Representative for help with filing a claim for VA benefits, VA health care and all eligible VA benefits at:

VFW Service Office
Saint Louis RO
9700 Page Ave RM 1.027
Saint Louis MO 63132
Phone:  314-253-4470
Fax:  314-253-4162
Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Our well-trained, VA Accredited VFW Representatives are ready to assist you with you!  Please feel free to contact us!  We have VFW Representatives located throughout the State of Missouri!
Kansas City VAMC 
                                 - Ed Stryker

We do not offer Bingo at Post 5789.  We do have Missouri Lottery Lotto, Scratchers and Gaming Machines.